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  • [] - Translations: beside each language having its own pages some pages have words or expressions followed by square brackets e.g. town centre [centre ville], this gives a language translation in either direction where this may be helpful. More examples: Water Gardens [Jardin d'eau] - petrol / diesel [essence / diesel].
  • () - English British english with occassional measures; temperature, linear and fluids etc in American shown in parenthesis ().
  • Ø or Ø - indicates a photo somewhere on this site. (Greek Ø - phi (f or ph))
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The authors of the L’Echiquier website only accept responsibility for content on this site. They are not responsible for information and translations on other sites to which links may be provided.

Although the authors try to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website they cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur from use of the information. If you find anything that causes you concern, please let us know.
Intellectual property rights in some of this material may be held by individual authors or owners. Acknowledgments and credits are given when known.
This site contains pages in English and French. It has been designed in the main to be low-graphics, except for the photo gallery and maps pages.
We hope you enjoy our site and would welcome any comments.
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Translation: Pauline, Yolande and Yvette.


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We hope you enjoy our site and would welcome any comments.
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